Summer & Fall News

Summer & Fall News - A Message From Our Principal
Posted on 06/27/2024


I hope all of you have had a wonderful 2023-2024 school year. As this is your last day of school, I would like to make note of a couple of things that will be helpful to you over the summer and at the beginning of the next school year. 

1. Community Involvement Hours

 If you're able, the summer is an ideal time to work towards your 40 hours of Community Involvement. Please note that there are restrictions towards what type of activity is acceptable. The most important thing to remember is that a student cannot displace a paid worker. This means that you cannot do a job for whom someone should be paid. Here is a link to more specific information.

2. PPM 128 - Mobile Device Restriction and Vaping

Starting in September 2024, there will be classroom restrictions in all schools for all mobile devices for students and staff. There will also be wifi restrictions in all schools. We will likely see a policy about this from the school board in early September. I wanted to give you some information that will help with the transition. 

  • For grades 7 to 12 students’, personal mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, chrome books and smart watches are most common) are stored out of view and powered off or set to silent mode during instructional time, except when their use is explicitly permitted by the educator
  • If the educator sees a personal mobile device that is not stored out of view, they must require the device be handed in for the instructional period and the device must be placed, by the student, in a storage area in a location in the classroom designated by the educator.
  • If the student does not hand in their personal mobile device when required, they must be sent to the vp/principal's office. Progressive discipline and promoting positive student behaviour will be used to address mobile device issues.

Mobile devices can be used for instructional purposes as defined by your teacher. That said, these restrictions for all students and staff will be an adjustment. 

The vaping policy has not changed much from what is currently in place. 

This message has also been sent to families as it's important to start discussions about new classroom expectations around mobile device use and subsequent consequences, if necessary. 

I will be sending a reminder to everyone at the before the start of the school year in September. 

Have a wonderful summer!

Ms. Shapiro

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